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Policies concerning traffic flow

Area Licensing Scheme (ALS)

Pro: Traffic was controlled as the number of vehicles in the area was cut down by 75%, motorists were happy with the smooth traffic flow.

Con: Motorists were unhappy with the increased costs of travelling into the CBD, labour intensive, inconvenient

Electronic Road Pricing (ERP)

Pro: Efficient and effective, convenient, required no labour, advanced technology

Con: Caused traffic bottlenecks along smaller roads, government placed ERPs wherever there is a jam, naming this action “chasing after the jam”

Park-and-Ride scheme

Pro: Reduces cars in CBD, encouraged the use of public transport

Con: Money was wasted on the construction of car parks, not widely used by public, shuttle bus services were unable to survive

Vehicle Quota System

Pro: controlled car population in Singapore

Con: The middle-class will lose out to the richer people as they are able to outbid the middle-class people.

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