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Importing Foreign Talents

What are foreign talents?

Foreign talents refer to those who have achievements or skilled in bio-medicine research, technology and other related jobs as well as those who come to our tertiary institutions to impart their knowledge to our students. Students with great potential migrating to Singapore to study can also be considered as “foreign talents”.

Not to be confused with foreign workers

Those who have migrated to Singapore working as clerks, store assistants, secretaries, etc.








48-year-old receptionist Lilian Lim, “Singapore can import foreign talent so long as it doesn’t spoil the local market unduly. Some of these foreigners think very highly of themselves but I feel that some are here only because they can’t do well in their own country.”

Shanti Musa, 35, “There is a strong perception of unfair advantage of foreigners over locals just because of their skin colour. People unnecessarily think that foreign talents are the best and know their work, but most of them are just winging it!”

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