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Our reflections:

Ivan Eng:

During the course of developing this resource, I have learnt the importance of teamwork. We were able to complete our project largely due to the teamwork that our group had. After delegating tasks to complete, everyone took responsibility to make sure that they completed their share of the work on time and at the same time, ensure that the work done was of the highest quality. We also helped one another when anyone of us faced difficulty while completing the tasks at hand. One of the problems we faced was the problem of value-addedness. We recognise that the content of our resource is similar to that of the syllabus. Hence, to solve this problem, we provided alternative means of consolidating knowledge, such as mindmaps and quizzes, as we recognise that not every student is able to learn efficiently by reading texts. I hope that this resource would be effective for our Secondary 3 juniors in helping them score distinctions in IHC and in the future, the resource can be further developed by expanding into the Secondary 4 syllabus.

Lim Hong Seng:

It was time consuming doing this project as some of us live far from one another and a lot of time was wasted on traveling. Thus, we have to constantly focus on the task at hand and not waste too much time. From this project, I have learnt to manage my time more wisely. Apart from this, we faced difficulties compiling our contents and summarising them to as concise as possible. As our resources are vast, we have to constantly remind ourselves not to infringe copyright issues and remember to cite them correctly.

Ryuto Tamano:

One major difficulty we faced was to think how to capture the student’s attention when they use our resource. As fellow teenagers, once we see something that does not capture our attention, we will immediately throw it aside, or face it with a very lazy attitude, showing little interests. Thus, when doing this project, we always have to put ourselves in the students’ shoes. However, a major limitation we face is the student’s interest in the subject. We are unable to influence the student in his interest in the subject, hence we cannot assure that they will use our resource. But we believe that generally, students who need help, will seek help and thus use our resource as a guide to help them.

Hsu Shuo Li:

I think that this project is very enriching as it covers our secondary 3 topics, helping us revise as we progress. We have also extended our exposure to the current affairs and deepen our understanding of other countries and the social studies behind it. Our difficulties faced are the various resources and compiling of the relevant ones. However, with patience and close reference to reliable ones such as magazines, textbooks and teachers, we are able to overcome these and piece up the project. I hope this can benefit our juniors as they tackle this new subject and obtain good results, as well as our fellow batch mates.

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